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Folks who hear about the new family history research advice wiki at wiki.familysearch.org want to know two things. First, What is a wiki? And second, How will the wiki deliver more of the genealogical research advice I need?

What is a wiki?

Wiki. A short, sweet, strange word whose form matches its meaning — a Web site you can edit without being a programmer. A site where average people like you and me can write things to help other people. A place where we can share information and even collaborate on articles that make us each look smarter than we are alone. A paradise for people who seek information. A wiki community can deliver and revise more research advice information for more users in more languages.

Challenges in the traditional approach

To see the potential of FamilySearch Wiki, it helps to explore the challenges an organization faces in offering free research advice worldwide when they try to do it the traditional way. (more…)


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